Ep 56: From Back Pain To Fulfilling Your Soul’s Calling w/ Roberta Lea

In this episode, I’m joined by Roberta Lea, a country neopop musician whose textured original songs are captivating audiences far and wide. Roberta shares her journey of self-care, catalyzed by a car accident that left her grappling with chronic neck and back pain. This experience shifted Roberta's perspective on self-care from viewing it as a luxury to recognizing its indispensable role in sustaining her well-being, especially as she navigated the transition from high school teacher to full-time musician.


In this vulnerable and introspective conversation, we explore how childhood inclinations can guide us to the passions we pursue as adults. We discuss the practical methods we use to make critical decisions in our creative and entrepreneurial endeavors.


This conversation will inspire you to prioritize your self-care and pursue your dreams with unwavering determination. Tune in now!


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