Client Testimonials

"Sheetal brings light into places too often darkened by others’ negativity and sense of loss.  I was once her professor; now she teaches me especially about my spiritual side.  She's a unique individual and will bring enlightenment to all who are willing to listen quietly, and practice with her."  

-Tom (Physician)

“When I started working with Sheetal, I was looking for tools I could use everday to help alleviate stress and keep moving while recovering from a recent injury.  I appreciated her kindness and expertise.  She is a great listener and really tailored the program to my needs.” 


“One thing that I love about working with Sheetal is that she helps you to uncover what you want for yourself. You'll find that it's YOU that's coming up with a plan for yourself, a plan that YOU desire.  You'll find an ability that was within you all along, which Sheetal helps you to discover.”

-Astride (Physician Assistant)

“Working with Sheetal allowed me to journey back to myself.  I found the root of who I am again and how to engage with myself daily in times of stress and joy.” 

-Cassady (Medical Student)

"When I started working with Sheetal, my goal was to learn about Ayurveda and nutrition.  Sheetal quickly understood that I was actually searching for something deeper - a path for self-love and well-being.  She combined ayurveda, coaching, and personal experiences to create a deep healing connection. She shared practical tools to help me deal with diverse situations that kept me away from my goals.  Sheetal is generous and authentic. She listens with her heart. I'll always be grateful for her guidance on this beautiful inner journey I am on."


“Dr. Sheetal has seen me at my very worst and my very high. She has been my anchor in a torrent sea of changes that completely overwhelmed me.  She has empowered me with an inner strength that I didn’t know I had and has been a tower of strength as I navigated my whole life literally shattering around me to rebuild into the woman I am now.  I do not think I would’ve been able to handle the life-altering situations of the past 2 years without Dr. Sheetal’s support.  She will always be in my life as I appreciate her dearly!” 

-Tanya (Veterinarian)


“When I joined Sheetal’s workshop, I was feeling overwhelmed with managing tasks related to multiple jobs.  I wanted to find ways to remain my best self but found it challenging to make the time.  Through this workshop, I learned how to craft a personal plan to stay aligned with my best self.  I’m grateful for Sheetal’s insights during this process.” 

-Dominique (Entrepreneur)

“When I attended this workshop, I had overwhelming workloads and difficulty finding the time to practice self-care while keeping up with my other commitments.  I know that practicing self-care is important to help me recharge so that I can keep up with my efforts toward building my startup.  Through this workshop, I learned specific action items that I can focus on to better my wellness.  My only suggestion is that the workshop be longer!” 

-Anthony (Entrepreneur)

“I attended this workshop because I’m starting a business and I wanted to learn ways to avoid becoming burned out. I tend to feel guilty taking time out for my own self-care. My biggest insight from attending this session is that this is a journey and I don’t need to sprint to the end. Sheetal did an excellent job and I’m interested in attending her future events and listening to her podcast.”

-Ashleyanne (Entrepreneur)

“Dr. Sheetal Ajmani offers incredible insight into finding yourself, regaining your strength and focus.  I have really enjoyed the workshops I have attended.” 

-Andie (Entrepreneur)


“Sheetal's dynamic personality brings life to a podcast. Her ability to discuss and simplify complex topics with an energetic and downright fun energy enlivens content that could otherwise be tough to digest for the audience. Her episodes resonated deeply with our audience and led to an influx of engagement. If you want powerful information coupled with vibrancy then don't hesitate to book Dr. Ajmani to teach your audience radiant living backed by science.”

-Tanya MFK, Host of My Designed Life

“During a recent episode of the Sundays With Wendy Podcast, I had the privilege of hosting Dr. Sheetal Ajmani as a guest. Her remarkable ability to convey complex ideas in an accessible manner left a lasting impression on me. With her insightful inquiries, compassionate demeanor, and exceptional communication skills, our conversation was both engaging and informative.  Dr. Ajmani's commitment to her patients and the community is inspirational, making her an invaluable resource for anyone seeking to improve their health and well-being.” 

-Wendy Goldberg, Host of Sundays With Wendy