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4 Ways To Work With Me 1-1


1️⃣Guided Meditation: Did you know that not all types of meditation are the right fit for everyone depending on your unique nature & needs? When you work with me 1-1, we’ll assess your unique needs & situation to create tailored meditations to help you reach your goals.


2️⃣Guided Yoga: Just like not all types of meditation are the right fit for everyone, the same holds true for yoga. When you meet with me for private guided yoga sessions, we’ll assess your needs and goals to customize a yoga program specific to you.


3️⃣Ayurveda Lifestyle Consultations: Ayurveda is a system of self-care and wellness that goes back over 5000 years, so not only are these practices time-tested but modern science is now also proving the benefits of these lifestyle routines. When you schedule your ayurveda consultations with me, we’ll meet to determine what dosha (body-mind energetic influence) needs re-aligning and you’ll be guided through specific ways to find balance and overall well-being in your body, mind, and emotions.


4️⃣Radiant Living Coaching: Drawing from the mind-body approaches described above, along with personal development, positive psychology, and science, you’ll be guided through the Radiant Living Method to get unstuck and live radiantly again. This is perfect for anyone rebuilding their lives through major life transitions, seeking to reconnect with their joy and radiance again to feel better, happier, and more fulfilled in your life, career, and relationships.


✅Which one is right for you?  Contact me today and let’s chat about it!

“Sheetal is kind, energetic and motivating. She really makes the program unique. I’ve listened to other seminars and coaching on well-being and Sheetal’s patience and openness stood out to me as being really welcoming to someone who’s already tired, negative on myself and a bit of a skeptic. It was so nice to have objective insights into my own light and address challenges in a meaningful task-oriented way.” - Tara R. (Physician)