Ep 55: Pelvic Therapy for Sexual Wellness w/ Dr. Meghan Karol

In this episode, I welcome back Dr. Meghan Karol, a pelvic health physical therapist, to delve into the often overlooked topic of sexual wellness. Tune in as Dr. Karol sheds light on one of the most common yet misunderstood issues faced by women – pain during penetrative sex.

Dr. Karol shares her compassionate approach to helping women navigate and overcome this challenge, emphasizing that while it's common, it's not normal, and there are solutions available. From mind-body practices to massage techniques, the use of dilators, and even conventional therapy or couples therapy, she explores a multifaceted approach to addressing this issue.

Tune in to discover empowering insights and practical strategies that can make a difference in reclaiming intimacy and pleasure. Whether you're personally affected or seeking to support someone you care about, this episode offers guidance and reassurance that help is within reach.

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