Ep 53: Compassionate Communication Within Relationships w/ Jelisha Gatling

In this episode, we’re joined by licensed family and marriage counselor, Jelisha Gatling. Jelisha shares her expertise in couples and premarital counseling, focusing on the pivotal role of communication in fostering healthy relationships. She introduces the concept of compassionate communication, also known as nonviolent communication, as a transformative tool for enhancing connection and understanding between partners.

Through her guidance, listeners will discover how improving communication within relationships begins with the recognition and expression of feelings and needs. Jelisha emphasizes the importance of moving beyond surface-level arguments and bickering to uncover the deeper emotions and desires driving interpersonal conflicts.

Learn how to navigate challenging conversations as Jelisha walks us through the steps of compassionate communication: identifying feelings, acknowledging emotions, and discerning underlying needs. By reframing conflicts in this way, couples can cultivate greater intimacy, trust, and harmony in their relationships.

Join us as we discuss the power of compassionate communication and the importance of normalizing couples' therapy. This episode offers invaluable insights and practical strategies for building stronger, more fulfilling connections with your partner.

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