Ep 50: Rediscovering Joy Through Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy w/ Jelisha Gatling

In this episode, we’re joined by Jelisha Gatling, a licensed family and marriage counselor, as she shares her self-care journey through ketamine-assisted psychotherapy to address treatment-resistant depression. In this candid conversation, Jelisha reveals how the addition of ketamine to her treatment plan helped her to transcend her ego and rewire deeply ingrained neural thought patterns, leading to a rediscovery of joy in her daily life.

Jelisha expands on her self-care journey by sharing how community played an important role in her healing. Additionally, she shares how her journey led her to cut ties with her former therapist to seek out a more aligned therapeutic relationship. We explore the connection between the “shoulds” in our life and feelings of shame. Jelisha offers a simple, yet powerful tool to shift your “shoulds” into “coulds” for a renewed sense of freedom and release from self-imposed expectations.


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