Ep 49: Perimenopause: The Transition You Weren’t Expecting in Your 40’s w/ Dr. Denise Harris-Proctor

In this episode, we dive into the unexpected transition women are facing in their 40’s - perimenopause. Often not talked about and misunderstood, tune into this episode to learn about what’s going on in your body in your 40’s.

Joined by Dr. Denise Harris-Proctor, an obstetrician gynecologist, this candid conversation explores how perimenopause can actually be an opportunity for growth and empowerment. Dr. Harris-Proctor reveals insights on how this phase of life is not about aging, but rather about embracing change, integrating wisdom, and intentionally creating the life you desire.

Tune in to learn about the symptoms of perimenopause, from hormonal fluctuations to emotional shifts, and gain a deeper understanding of the evaluation and management options available, including holistic approaches, lifestyle adjustments, and pharmaceutical interventions. Ultimately, you’ll learn how you can navigate this transition with grace and confidence.

Ladies, you're not getting old – rather, you're just getting started!


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