Ep 48: Unapologetic Self-Care w/ Alyse Freda-Colon

In this episode, I welcome Alyse Freda-Colon, therapist and relationship coach. Alyse candidly shares the pivotal moment in her personal self-care journey when her teeth were literally crumbling. She reveals how this wake-up call became the catalyst for making self-care a non-negotiable in her life.


Alyse goes on to share the key elements of self-care that she has embraced, including daily exercise, reading and monthly massages. Through her insights, learn how you too can become unapologetic about prioritizing your well-being.


As the conversation unfolds, we explore the idea that, as women, it's time to move away from conforming and fitting in, and instead, embrace our uniqueness. Discover how your unique qualities are essential in fulfilling your personal mission in the world. Tune in and get inspired to unapologetically make self-care a priority in your life.


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