Ep 51: Pratyahara: A Sensory Exploration w/ Jennifer Marie Young

In this episode, I’m joined by Jennifer Marie Young, a conscious movement guide whose unique blend of practices including yoga, personal training, martial arts, performing arts, herbalism, and medical astrology, has transformed the lives of many.

Jennifer takes us on a deeply personal journey when stress and anxiety-ridden nightmares overwhelmed her amidst the Covid19 pandemic. During this time, she decided to harness the power of Venus retrograde as an opportunity to embark on a 42-day retreat, diving deep into the yogic practice of pratyahara.

During this time of deep introspection, Jennifer explored her attachments and aversions related to her 5 senses, thoughts, and to her breath. She shares her biggest insights from this journey of sensory exploration and offers a guide for you to begin your own journey as well.


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