Ep 36: Mindful Eating for a Vibrant Holiday Season w/ Dr. Heather Awad

In this episode, you’ll hear from Dr. Heather Awad, a family physician and weight loss coach for professional women over 50, as she shares insights on navigating the holiday season with a focus on mindful eating. The festive period often brings an abundance of rich foods, desserts, wine, and comfort delights, making it easy to overindulge for various reasons – be it celebration or using food to cope with uncomfortable situations.

In this episode, we discuss practical strategies to approach holiday gatherings mindfully, helping you make conscious and nourishing food choices. We explore how to navigate social situations, cope with familial inquiries, and tackle the temptations of holiday feasts. By the end of this conversation, you'll have actionable tips to embrace the holiday spirit without sacrificing your well-being, ensuring you feel vibrant, light, and ready to savor every moment this festive season.

Tune in for a dose of self-care wisdom to elevate your holiday experience!

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