Ep 35: Tuning into Your Body’s Signals w/ Dr. Rashmi Schramm

In this episode, I’m joined by Dr. Rashmi Schramm, a family physician and coach, as she shares her journey through the demanding world of being a working mother and caregiver. Dr. Schramm delves into her own experiences of ignoring her needs while juggling long hours at the clinic, raising two young children, and caring for extended family members.

For two years, Dr. Schramm's dedication to her roles led to anxiety, depression, and physical symptoms, including gastrointestinal issues and migraine headaches. Her turning point came when she hit a wall, leading her to rediscover the power of meditation, a practice she had embraced as a young child.

Tune in to discover how our bodies constantly send us signals, and gain invaluable insights on how practicing self-care is a crucial component of your well-being, impacting not only how you care for others but also how you care for yourself.

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