Ep 2: What Are You Choosing To Focus On?

On the final few days of the year, what are you choosing to focus on?...It can be easy to focus on all the things that went "wrong" this past year. That's because we all have this thing called negativity bias. Your mind naturally focuses on the negative because it’s perceived as a threat. While this was useful in the hunter-gatherer days, it doesn’t serve us as well in our current day and age. You have to actually RETRAIN your mind to focus on the positive. But, how do you do that? Tune into this episode to learn a clear method to reflect on the past year in a way that builds positive momentum for your upcoming year! Registration is NOW OPEN for Create Your Radiant Year: A Workshop to Help You Shine Brightly No Matter What Life Brings Your Way --> https://www.radiantlivinginstitute.com/create-your-radiant-year